Revisiting the Past

Here is a blog I wrote in September 2007. Thanks Heather for saving this little gem 😇

“I wanted my friend to write a blog on himself affirming why
he will be a success. I don’t know if he’ll do it because he doesn’t want to look like he was bragging. I told him it’s not bragging – by writing positive comments about yourself you are sending affirmations to your brain – reprogramming it – to actually believe what you are saying.

Why oh why do we find it so easy to put ourselves down? Why do we always say “I can’t” rather than “I can”? We’re our own worse enemies, aren’t we? We create problems before there are any because we’re always thinking “what if?” So why worry until it happens? We need to start telling ourselves we can do things, to be confident in our abilities. Because if we do then the universe will take note – things will start to change. 

Our own confidence can make a huge change to everything we do.”

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