In 2013 I was admitted to hospital with pulmonary embolism, and because of this I was no longer able to use the contraceptive pill.

The last 4 years my periods have been all over the place. Unbearably heavy periods. Unbelieveable painful cramping. Then with all the other things going on I was starting to feel like a hypochondriac.

Regular headaches? Check.

Dry mouth and burning tongue? Check.

Needing to pee more often? Check.

Dry eyes? Check.

Extremely forgetful (constantly fumbling for people names or places or forgetting what I was saying mid sentence)? Check.

Ice cold hands and feet even in summer? Check.

Palpitations? Check.

Sensitive and aching gums? Check.

Occasional insomnia? Check.

Fatigue? Check.

Once straight hair has turned wavy and frizzy overnight? Check.

Aching heavy legs like I’ve just ran a marathon? Daily/Check.

Irregular periods that keep getting closer together with prolonged bleeding? Yup.

The doctor ran a blood test which no surprise came up normal (because afterwards I read that perimenopausal women’s hormones can fluctuate rapidly even hour to hour). I had already been tested for auto immune diseases because of my blood clots and that was ruled out already.

But perusing the internet makes me realise that regardless what the GP thinks, I’m definitely perimenopausal, and this is actually a great relief as I no longer feel like a hypochondriac, and I can go into this journey headfirst without any more worry.